The Inhaus Difference

Pioneers in Laminate

Inhaus, as part of the CLASSEN Group, has a rich heritage as one of the pioneers of laminate production technology and continue to innovate in the industry today.


Manufacturing Competence

All of Inhaus’ laminate products are manufactured in the CLASSEN Group’s industry-leading facility in Baruth, near Berlin, Germany, which employs over 1200 people and has an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.3 billion square feet.


German Precision Engineering



We possess several proprietary technologies, such as liquid layer technology (LLT), which merges two traditionally separate steps involving the overlay, decorative, and underlay papers, in the laminate manufacturing process into a single production line. This results in a more time- and energy-efficient production process while also achieving a superior laminate product.


Digital Printing

In 2013, CLASSEN invested approximately EUR 35M to launch the large-scale digital production of its laminate offering. With continuous investments in R&D and technology, we’re able to enhance our product offering with value and design flexibility.



Our products are equipped with the most advanced patented glueless installation systems available so that even a novice or DIYer can easily install our laminate. Referred to as the “angle/drop” or “fold-down” system, the Megaloc laying system has quickly become the industry standard because of how simple, clean and quick it is to install. What’s more, you won’t require any special tools, such as tapping blocks, or messy adhesives when installing.


Its uniqueness lies in the patented blue Megaloc locking clip on the short end. Simply ‘angle’ in the plank on the long end and ‘drop’ it down to click in the short end. This hassle-free installation method is up to 3 times faster than the traditional methods, as it also allows you to install multiple rows at once.


Vertical Integration

As the largest single-site vertically integrated laminate production facility, we can control the entire manufacturing process from the fiber to the finished product all in one location. This results in a safe, high quality product that we are proud of.


CLASSEN Design Center

Over the last two years, CLASSEN has invested approxaimately EUR 1M to create its Design Center.

Master Carpenter